Rather, the government collects the information because having

In 2006, the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court held that, under section 215, the NSA could obtain, from telephone service providers in the United States, massive amounts of telephone metadata that consists of the phone records of millions of Americans. The metadata consists basically of phone numbers, including the phone numbers that are in contact with every phone number collected, but it includes no names and no information about the content of the calls themselves. The NSA uses the metadata to determine when a suspected terrorist, usually outside the United States, is in touch, directly or indirectly, with a suspected terrorist inside the United States. In the usual criminal investigation, in which the government investigates a particular crime or a particular suspect, it will use a subpoena to obtain relatively specific information about the crime or the suspect. In the section 215 telephone metadata program, however, the massive amount of information collected is not http://www.prism-dm.co.uk/blog/to-be-fair-there-was-a-lot-riding-on-that-date/, at the time it is collected, “relevant” to any particular suspected terrorist or suspected terrorist plot. Rather, the government collects the information because having it might be useful later when it investigates a particular terrorist suspect or terrorist plot.

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